End to End Genomic Data Security


Collective Years of Experience

The Problem

Genomic data is identifiable so must be encrypted at ALL times to avoid privacy breach’s (HIPAA regulation requires appropriate safeguards are in place to protect against re-identification as stated in the ‘Privacy Rule’).  But encrypted data also needs to be dynamically accessed and interrogated by authorized parties, ideally with limits set by the data subject.

Medicine is at the dawn of a new era where treatment will be linked to genomic related data

GeneCrypt enables that for researchers, clinicians and individuals.

Precision Medicine

Healthcare is evolving.  For thousands of years a diagnosis was made on the symptoms of the malady  displayed by the patient.  And for thousands of years we have been treating patients with broad therapies aimed at the constellation of symptoms.

Predictive Medicine

Globally the genomics market is increasing by approximately 19% CAGR.  By 2027 it is estimated that 75% of cancer diagnoses in the US will utilize some form of genomic analysis.  As a result, the precision medicine market is predicted to be worth around $176.5 billion USD within the next seven years.


The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008 protects Americans from discrimination based on their (and their family’s) genetic information, in both health insurance (Title I) and employment (Title II).

The first few thousand years of medicine were founded on anatomy. The next thousand years of medicine with be founded on DNA.