Creating Value Through Compute Friendly & Auditable Data

GeneCrypt Technology

Provides an end-to-end secure solution for genomic data management.

Unlock the value in genomic data,
securely and collaboratively


GeneCrypt is an end-to-end secure genomic data management technology that addresses the critical issue of genomic data privacy in clinical precision medicine and research settings. It provides a unique solution that solves all the problems associated with storing, transmitting, and processing sensitive and identifiable personal data.

One of the key features of GeneCrypt is its use of key permissioning to fine-grained access control to specific genes and gene regions. This means that only authorized users can access specific parts of the data set, preventing any unauthorized access or use of the data. This helps to protect the privacy of individuals whose genomic data is being analyzed and ensures that only those who have a legitimate need to access the data can do so.

Another important aspect of GeneCrypt is its ability to allow the use of industry-standard bioinformatics tooling within a secure environment. This means that researchers and clinicians can carry out any interrogation of the data set without the risk of data loss or attack. This provides a secure environment for data analysis and ensures that any results generated from the analysis are accurate and reliable.

GeneCrypt also provides auditable access control, which means that all access and operations are tracked and recorded. This helps to ensure that any unauthorized access or use of the data can be identified and addressed quickly. Additionally, access permissions can be reviewed and revoked at any time, providing an extra layer of security and control over the data.

GeneCrypt is a unique technology that provides an end-to-end secure solution for genomic data management. Its key permissioning, fine-grained access control, and auditable access control features provide a robust and reliable platform for the secure analysis and processing of sensitive and identifiable personal data.